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Take a look at a few of our projects and a list of clients where professionals at Slashtime tackle the design and development of technology at those organizations.

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Mosque Assistant

Use the expertise and deep tech background of the best minds at Slashtime to create a comprehensive information technology strategy for a digital and technological transformation of your organization that goes in line with your business objectives. Our IT strategy and consulting services are the first steps toward transforming your enterprise IT and improving your business efficiency. In a tech-driven world, it is not easy to drive forward when you are stuck dealing with a backlog of technology projects, reacting to the day-to-day, or trying to maintain an accumulation of outdated applications and systems.

 Our strategic information technology consulting will help you automate and digitalize operations, optimize the software portfolio, and implement the latest technologies. Our experts have the industry experience and best-in-class tools to methodically assess your entire support operation. We look at your information technology support services holistically, identifying improvement areas that will have a significant impact on employee productivity, service levels, and customer satisfaction. We believe in integrating informational technology (it) into your overall business strategy, helping you to take full advantage of the opportunities it creates, such as moving into a different market, capturing market share, or growing revenue.

Limo Assistant

Limo Assistant is complete solution to run limousine business. It can maintain multiple set of tariffs. So, user can keep separate set of tariffs for each individual company account and can allocate a special set of tariffs for driver’s commission calculation, which is unique and power full feature.
User has been given the ability to define and modify all calculation formulae depending on their business rules. So, the system can accommodate any change in business rule.

Powerful dispatching, manage customer accounts,   complete customer trip history,   define multiple tariffs groups,  create invoices on multiple trips,  vehicle maintenance tracking, export reports HTML file formats, export to excel,  customer preferences profile,  credit card info,  automated pricing, view reservation history, the option to not display the toolbars,  extensive options and preferences complete driver/customer profiles, work on several trips at the same time, update tariffs by amount or percentage,  quick search options by date, account, driver, vehicle, etc.  Flexible trip entry screen designed for ease of use and speed, sophisticated multi-user network design     

Take a look at our clients...

Account Mac

Adam Immigration

Aftrim Group Services

Air Royal Limousine Services

Air Time Limousine Services

Airport Plus Limousines

Al Hidayah Foundation

Al-Irfan Institute

Avro Point of Sale

Avro Systems

Better Kind Limousine Ltd.

Capricorn Instruments

Chauffeur Circuit Ltd.

Clarity Financial Corp.

CPFA Canada

Dakha Motors

Diamond Rungs

Door to Islam

Dream World Vacations

eHome Electronics

Excellent Dry Cleaning

Famous Fried Chicken

Fast Track Employment

Fund It Financial Services

Future Financial

Glamorous Jewelz

Global Innovative Sales & Marketing

Gold Buyer Inc.

Green Globe Directory

GTA Car Services

GTA Concepts

GTA Limousine Services Inc.

I Real Estate Mississauga

IA Copiers

Ideal Home Inspection

Ihya Foundation

Image Solution

IronStop UK

Jagr Limousine Services

Leather Master Canada


Limo Assistant

Limos Toronto

Luxury Furnished Apartments

M & M Airport Services

Mafna Air Technologies Inc.

Master Beauty Instruments

Maxim Media

Medi Dental Instruments

Mine in Trade

Mission One World

Monarch Printing

My Cash – Rehman Ltd

New Gift Concepts

Noor Light LED

Optima Tours & Limousine Services

Pak Arthritis Society

Passage To Madina

PB Rug

Petsa Pet Shop

PG Truck Driving

IronStop UK

Playing Cards

Prompt Tech

QPlus Orthodontics

Raavi Grill Restaurant

Raavi Renovation Services

Ray Printing

Salon Spa Assistant

Slash Marketing

Special Playing Cards

The Brace Support

Toronto Airport Limousines


Unique Oriental

United Surgico

USA Caribbean

Virtu Hair Salon

Zaiqa Restaurants